Tips to Enjoy the Show

What to bring:

Bring hearing protection for younger children.

Bring your camera, bring your lawn chair(s) and/or blankets to sit on, and think about bringing a small personal umbrella to provide shade or in case of a little rain.  Children’s strollers and baby carriers are fine too.

Be prepared and bring clothes for all weather. The weather can change between the times that the gates open and the end of the Air show.

There will be food, beverages and other treats for sale on site.

Bring cash – most (if not all) vendors will not be set up for plastic money.

Wear sunscreen and sunglasses, take a hat, and wear comfortable shoes.

Take what you are prepared to carry to and from the parking lot!

What Not to Bring

Don’t bring your pets: please leave your pets at home, they are not permitted on the air side. The high-frequency sounds that the airplanes emit can hurt your dog’s ears.

Don’t bring balloons: Please do not bring balloons they are a hazard to aircraft and are not permitted air side.

Don’t bring your extra gear: Please leave unnecessary gear at home or in your vehicle

Don’t bring your hard coolers, they are NOT permitted on site

Don’t bring cigarettes or vape pens, no smoking is permitted on site

If you have any questions not addressed here please contact us.